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Re: Orphaned packages with very low popcon numbers

Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Luk!

Hi Bas

> You wrote:
>>> In other words, if almost no-one uses them, does it matter if the packages
>>> are of decent quality?  Also, if almost no-one uses them, how do you know
>>> they're of bad quality?
>> It does matter if they are of decent quality as we need to support them
>> (mirrors, infrastructure, security support etc.). I don't say they are
>> of bad quality, don't turn my words...
> ATM, the support costs of removing the packages are much bigger than
> just letting them sit in the archive.
>>> I think you should be looking for some additional metrics for package
>>> removal, such as age, date of last upload, for example, in addition to size
>>> of install base, before deciding that a package is stale.  (Because IMHO, if
>>> a package has no bugs filed against it, you can't honestly say you want to
>>> file for removal because it's potentially buggy.)
>> Note that besides not being used by many people, the packages are
>> orphaned and will be tested to the points:
>>>>> (a) aren't ITAed, and
>>>>> (b) have been orphaned for more than, say, three months
>>>>> (c) don't have some special reason why popcon would be unrepresentative
>>>>> (d) don't have any other special reasons to stay in Debian
> Well, I could agree with removing packages if, in addition to the cited
> citeria:
>  (i) there are RC or important bugs (or many normal bugs)
> or
>  (iia) there are very few users (in the bottom 1% of popcon number or
>        so, not sure how much votes that would translate to, 20 sounds a
>        bit high IMO), and

It's not about votes, but about installations, votes should be less or
equal than the amount of installations... 20 is less than 1 in 500, so
that is also less than 1% in my world...

>  (iib) there are replacement packages in the archive that deliver
>        similar functionality.

This could be looked at, though I don't know if it's worth the trouble
for almost unused packages. Though I'm sure ftp-master would decide on
that if we would ask for removal...

> In other cases, IMO, it's a lot of work to check and remove the
> packages (both for the QA and the FTP teams), without any real gain for
> the project.

I don't see how it can be still a lot of work now? The real gain is less
packages to support which many people already told us would be a good



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