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Re: Orphaned packages with very low popcon numbers

Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Nathanael!
> You wrote:
>> "Very low" is defined as less than 20 installations.  Votes are noted only for
>> packages which aren't "no files".
>> With 13184 installations reporting to popcon, 20 installations represents
>> less than one installation in 500.
>> I think all of these are candidates for removal.  I haven't checked whether any of
>> them are ITAed at this point though.
>> Would it be considered OK to go through and start filing removal requests for those which
>> (a) aren't ITAed, and 
>> (b) have been orphaned for more than, say, three months
>> (c) don't have some special reason why popcon would be unrepresentative
>> (d) don't have any other special reasons to stay in Debian
> Well, as long as there are no RC bugs, and the packages are in testing,
> I really see no need to remove them.  Even if only a few people use the
> package, why annoy them by removing it from Debian?

How can we be sure the packages are of decent quality if almost noone
uses them? How can we be sure there are (almost) no unreported RC bugs
for instance?



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