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Re: List of 52 packages it would be nice to get rid of

Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> Roland Mas <lolando@debian.org>
> *   gforge
> The most commonly installed binary package, gforge-common, has only 12
> installations (again I bend my rule slightly).  One of its packages has
> been uninstallable for 64 days.  There is also a possible
> security-related bug, #328224 (it is not RC only because no one has yet
> checked if it applies to the version in Debian, even though the bug was
> submitted 253 days ago).
> gforge has one reverse depends, gforge-theme-starterpack.

I think that gforge is a fairly important package, even if it has few
installations.  Isn't gforge running on Alioth?  If so, that to me is
reason enough to keep it in.  If Roland needs some help, I can probably
help out starting in about a month or so.  I would hate to see a
valuable package like gforge removed.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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