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Re: pngcrush and bugs 331068, 338659, 355693, 352177, 330026


On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> Just in the case that none of the 4 authors want to merge the
> programs. We will create one Debian package, containing the 4
> programs, with a wrapper (a "pngoptimizer", for example), that will
> select one of the programs, based on the options that the user
> selected?

In the light of Alexander Schmehl's message in this thread on
debian-qa in March 2005 you may want to adopt pngcrush as a first step.

In case you wish to do so I would be grateful if you built pngcrush
which uses dynamic libraries as building it with static libraries
leads to objections from the security team. A small diff that allows
pngcrush-1.6.2-nolib to compile with dynamic libpng and zlib is

I will be happy to co-maintain any/all these packages with you if
that is what you wish.

Thanks and regards,


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