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Re: pngcrush and bugs 331068, 338659, 355693, 352177, 330026

On Fri, 2006-03-24 at 18:20 -0300, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> I still don't see good reasons to merge the 4 programs :-/

It's of course always a tradeoff between the extra work of merging
things and the possible benefits. I can see two major benefits:

If you can convince upstream to join forces and integrate the work into
one tool, this is an improvement for the quality of the code. In my
opinion this is the best way to go: there's only one copy of the
infrastructure (reading files, user interaction, error handling and
recovery...) with more eyes on it, and only the algorithms differ. This
should improve the quality of the general program.

Another major benefit is for the user: they want a program to 'crush'
pngs. Speaking for myself, when I was looking for a program to do that
task, I wouln't want to install four different Debian packages and
evaluate them. Each of the programs would probably have different
options and a different modus operandi. I would want to install just one
package with either four programs I can try, or better, one program that
has a switch for the algorithm to use. It has the additional benefit of
having one Debian package to maintain.

I can't imagine that the size overhead would be that big to be
significant. If you can convince upstream to go along, you would satisfy
both benefits, but if you don't, I still think the second benefit is
worthwhile enough to implement it.


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