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pngcrush and bugs 331068, 338659, 355693, 352177, 330026


This is somewhat long. My apologies in advance:

A. As I posted on debian-qa earlier, the bugs mentioned in the subject
   were discussed in png-mng-implement in the following thread.


   The upstream author of "pngcrush" (Glenn Randers-Pehrson) was
   party to this discussion.

B. Following this upstream has made available a version of pngcrush
   called pngcrush-<version>-nolib.tar.bz2 that will fix the bug(s)
   given above. The file is below http://pmt.sf.net/pngcrush with
   current version 1.6.2.

C. The maintainer of pngcrush has not updated the package for a long
   time and there are a number of grave bugs open on the package.
   Mails to the maintainer (in Dec 2005, Jan 2006) have not evoked any

D. A PNG optimizer similar called "optipng" which is similar in
   function (but not in design) to "pngcrush" has recently entered

E. I have prepared a "pngcrush" package based on pngcrush-nolib.tar.gz.
   I am willing to adopt this package if rules do not permit an NMU
   for such major changes.


F. I have tested the resulting binary and compared it with the
   static-ly linked version based on pngcrush-1.6.2.tar.bz2 from
   the same source. The result is that the "crush"ing done by the
   static one is marginally better.

G. However, I cannot currently upload. If someone is kind enough
   to do the upload, I would be grateful.



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