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keeping x-ttcidfont-conf (Re: Removing old orphaned packages?)

* Russ Allbery [Tue, 14 Jun 2005 16:48:03 -0700]:

> > x-ttcidfont-conf -- Configure TrueType and CID fonts [#201376]

> If someone has a chance to explain this one, I'm really curious what's up
> with it.  I never really understood what this package did or what it's
> role in the whole X font situation is, but I've seen a few recommendations
> and guides that say to install it.

  AFAICT, it enables old application (e.g., gtk1) to make use of True
  Type fonts (and CID, but I don't use those) which get registered via
  defoma only. It works by creating a directory with symlinks to be
  listed in the XF86Config file or equivalent (font server config file).

  I'd like to ask that x-ttcidfont-conf doesn't get removed from the
  archive: works fine enough under most circumstances and does a
  necessary job. I'm subscribed to its PTS and can take care if
  something RC pops up -- but I can't really think of adopting it, I'm


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