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Re: Removing old orphaned packages?

* Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> [2005-06-11 05:38]:
> Based on this list and further investigations I propose to remove
> the following packages. I have been very aggressively while
> preparing that list.  Many of these don't have any bugs and probably
> will never cause any as they are simply not used...

Thanks for doing this.  Getting rid of some orphaned packages has been
on my todo list for after sarge too.  Personally, I'd be _way_ more
aggressive than you.  In my opinion, everything that has been orphaned
for 6 months (or even 3 months) should go.  In any case, your analysis
is much more thorough than mine will be/would have been, so I suggest
we get rid of these packages and in a few months let me get the rest
removed. ;)

On the other hand, if we do a mass removal, we could post to d-d-a and
then it would be better to do it in one go.  We could have a section
of "well selected" packages for which you need a good reason if you
want to adopt them (your list) and then another list (mine) where
we're more liberal about people adopting them.
Martin Michlmayr

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