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Interested in a Idesk package


I'm Anibal Avelar from Mexico.

I want to know where to find to Thorsten Sauter (tsauter@debian.org) . He's the package mantainer of Idesk.

I'm very interested in this package (idesk) because I'm the developer for that piece of software. I release a new version for that and many other features (the new stable is the version 0.7.2). I wrote to Sauter 4 months ago and him responded to me of affirmative way. I asked to him if I can be the new maintainer for Idesk and said 'yes'. Also, I asked to him if he wanted my sponsor and also responsed 'yes'.

But after he never responded me anymore. I have written 3 mails in 4 months and nothing. I only want to know if is possible he said me an answer.

This package (idesk) has been inactivity by enought time (the last version in the Debian packages tree is 0.5.6) and I have the time and interest for be a new mantainer. If this package is orphan or Thorsten Sauter don't have time for maintainer this package anymore, but I can do it, the new version 0.7.2 is stable and for example in slackware is a official package.

I also obvious want to be part of the Debian project like maintainer because I think can help you in this project.



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