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Re: Interested in a Idesk package

On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 08:37:57PM -0500, Anibal J. Avelar wrote:
>I'm Anibal Avelar from Mexico.
>I want to know where to find to Thorsten Sauter (tsauter@debian.org) . 
>He's the package mantainer of Idesk.
>I'm very interested in this package (idesk) because I'm the developer 
>for that piece of software. I release a new version for that and many 
>other features (the new stable is the version 0.7.2). I wrote to Sauter 
>4 months ago and him responded to me of affirmative way. I asked to him 
>if I can be the new maintainer for Idesk and said 'yes'. Also, I asked 
>to him if he wanted my sponsor and  also responsed  'yes'.

So, he already agreed to let you take idesk. 

>But after he never responded me anymore. I have written 3 mails in 4 
>months and nothing. I only want to know if is possible he said me an 

After four months without a reply from Thorsten, you can take it,

>This package (idesk) has been inactivity by enought time (the last 
>version in the Debian packages tree is 0.5.6) and I have the time and 
>interest for be a new mantainer.  If this package  is orphan or  
>Thorsten  Sauter  don't  have  time  for  maintainer this package  
>anymore, but I can do it, the new version 0.7.2 is stable and for 
>example in slackware is a official package.
>I also obvious want to be part of the Debian project like maintainer 
>because I think can help you in this project.


Anibal Monsalve Salazar
 .''`. Debian GNU/Linux
: :' : Free Operating System
`. `'  http://debian.org/
  `-   http://v7w.com/anibal

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