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Re: Interested in a Idesk package

On 6/22/05, Anibal J. Avelar <aavelar@cofradia.org> wrote:
> I'm very interested in this package (idesk) because I'm the developer
> for that piece of software. I release a new version for that and many
> other features (the new stable is the version 0.7.2). I wrote to Sauter
> 4 months ago and him responded to me of affirmative way. I asked to him
> if I can be the new maintainer for Idesk and said 'yes'. Also, I asked
> to him if he wanted my sponsor and  also responsed  'yes'.

If you still need a sponsor and tsauter doesn't answer to your
requests I can sponsor the package for you. I'm interested in it too
and I already packaged 0.7.2 for my own use (because the link for the
debs on your site were broken and I planned to ask tsauter for
co-maintenance - I removed all the cdbs stuff as I'm not very happy
with it, but this is just a question of taste).

Let me know

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