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Re: release critical bugs of grace


On Tue, Sep 28, 1999 at 09:13:59PM +0200, Torsten Landschoff wrote:
>   * new upstream, closes: #41146, #42115, #27308, #28944, #29705, #38214
> Funny. 42115 is "grace should conflict with xmgr". This can't be fixed
> by a new upstream.

OK, that is the wrong explanation. I will probably change that tomorrow.
I was not sure if the new upstream fixes some of the conflicting
problems and there is no real conflict between both packages now.

> Even worse the new grace does not conflict but replace the xmgr
> package. Did you try if that is okay if you have both installed? 

The only conflicting file is the grconvert binary which is the same in
both packages. It is used to convert binary project files of an old
version of xmgr to the current text format and there is no problem in
installing both packages. As soon as grace implements all the xmgr
features (maybe next year) we can even remove the xmgr package from the


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