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Re: brief thoughts on org/qa.debian.org

Le Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 01:25:06AM -0400, Johnie Ingram écrivait:

Well I don't know if those internal problems/suggestion does interest
people on debian-qa ... but since you posted there ...

> * For qa-bot: for consistency a single-word command should be provided
>   for everything, e.g "helpme <package>",  "description" -> "summary",
>   "long description" -> "description".

Ok, I will correct this later today.

> * For qa-bot: the syntax "orphan <package> no" is awkward, how about an
>   "adopt <package>".


> * It is not clear in the docs how meta-tasks are added, either
>   technically or procedurally.

Tasks as meta-tasks are added by the QA committe. If you want to
contact the technical committee, post here as we are reading this list
or you can use this alias : committee@qa.debian.org

> * For wnpp: how about "offer <>" and "unoffer <>" directives, that
>   solves another section of the wnpp.

Is a package name enough for the Prospectives Packages ?

> * On wnpp.html: for historical reasons the term is "Work Needing and
>   ..." for the official WNPP, which this could very well become.

No problem with adding this.

> * Is it required that packages actually have their Maintainer reset to
>   QA, or can i just generate a control mail from existing "O" fields?

What do you mean by « existing "O" fields » ? And what do you want to know

To orphan a package, you don't need to upload a version with QA as a
maintainer, you just send the "orphan <package>" ... but your name will
appear in the page and you will still get bug reports.

> * For tracking purposes you might want to make those sql bools date
>   strings, with a null date being false, unless this is somehow
>   handled by the contact table.

I'll simply add a field that will contain the date of orphaning ...

> * For qa-bot: suggest adding "stop" as equivalent to "end".


> * It is not clear how to subscribe to the qa-bot equivalent of
>   debian-bugs-dist.

There is no such thing. What should be sent there ? The new tasks ?

> * Suggested motto: "all free, all good"

:) It's not really QA related.

> Nice work.


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