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brief thoughts on org/qa.debian.org

* For qa-bot: for consistency a single-word command should be provided
  for everything, e.g "helpme <package>",  "description" -> "summary",
  "long description" -> "description".

* For qa-bot: the syntax "orphan <package> no" is awkward, how about an
  "adopt <package>".

* It is not clear in the docs how meta-tasks are added, either
  technically or procedurally.

* For wnpp: how about "offer <>" and "unoffer <>" directives, that
  solves another section of the wnpp.

* On wnpp.html: for historical reasons the term is "Work Needing and
  ..." for the official WNPP, which this could very well become.

* Is it required that packages actually have their Maintainer reset to
  QA, or can i just generate a control mail from existing "O" fields?

* For tracking purposes you might want to make those sql bools date
  strings, with a null date being false, unless this is somehow
  handled by the contact table.

* For qa-bot: suggest adding "stop" as equivalent to "end".

* It is not clear how to subscribe to the qa-bot equivalent of

* Suggested motto: "all free, all good"

Nice work.


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