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Bug#18025: marked as done (tkman ignores -geometry setting and is too large for even 1024x768) Bug#21955: marked as done (sniffit leaves eth0 in broadcast mode) Bug#22989: marked as done (sniffit: typo in package description) Bug#26233: marked as done (xwpe: wpe - unusable screen on console) Bug#26859: marked as done (sniffit: Spelling error in description) Bug#28510: marked as done (sniffit: dumps core when selecting a non existent interface) Bug#32224: marked as done (xwpe: Fix for glibc2.1) Re: Bug#36132: xftp: two app-defaults Re: Bug#36203: sed does not check for failure of write() Bug#37431: marked as done (sniffit depends on obsolete library) Bug#37431: sniffit depends on obsolete library Bug#37699: mozilla: mozilla dumps core, and the debugger too... Bug#37805: mozilla: new upstream version Bug#37997: ispell stops Bug#38250: cucipop: APOP authentication problem Re: Bug#38578: imagemagick: Missing symbol CD-Rom mounting problem cdwrite 2.1 is not out there Re: Debian Quality Assurance Group EMillionaires Club i18n support in mozilla? login reconfigures serial port M4 segfaults mozilla NMU of sniffit pending normal debian bugs for Debian QA <> pending normal debian bugs for Debian QA Group <> pending normal debian bugs for Debian QA group <> pending normal debian bugs for Debian Quality Assurance <> Processed: Debian QA Group bugs Processed: merging tkman bugs (again) Processed: smtp-refuser bugs Processed: some unknown bugs Processed: tkman bugs [PROPOSAL] Official QA-Section on Debian-Homepage? QA more visible to users... Re: QA responsible for help in fixing bugs? Release critical bugs and QA Re: Release Plans (1999-05-10) removing ntfs2.0.33 from the distribution Re: RFC: Debian Quality Assurance Group segfault Taking over gclinfo Re: Unconditional prompting from dotfile packages working on cucipop? wpe/xwpe issue The last update was on 20:22 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 74 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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