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Re: lesstif2 to motif transition

On 7 May 2013 08:19, Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> wrote:
Can you please document that, I mean which ones? It would be great if
you would reply to the e-mail I sent yesterday to the release team with
full details, so that the team knows when they make a decision.

When I get home tonight I will compose an email to release team from my testing notes.
And I
think (unsure now) that these missing dependencies are actual bugs in
those packages, so they should get filed and fixed anyway.

Yes, I believe these are bugs in those packages that were hidden because lesstif2-dev depends on just about every libX*-dev package.
Did you actually try to
RUN any of the compiled packages?

Yes, although not being familiar with the packages, many of them I just ran and saw that a GUI appeared without any error messages.

> If a user was developing with lesstif2-dev it would be removed due to
> the conflict above, but they would not have been able to continue
> building against libmotif-dev without making changes anyway.

Why not? Aren't the headers the same? If not, how can WE replace
lesstif2 with libmotif?

They would at least need to change the build-depends in debian/control, so it's still a manual change that needs to be made.
Anyway, the users that build are not the only
ones we need to care about.

Surely only users that build lesstif packages would have lesstif2-dev installed?

I'm not totally against a lesstif2-dev transitional package, I just want to be clear on why it is necessary.

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