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Re: lesstif2 to motif transition

Hi Graham,

On 06-05-13 23:01, Paul Gevers wrote:
> My proposal would be (with your approval) to just get motif into
> unstable/main and start converting the dependencies with the help of
> their maintainers (the libraries can coexist). Because the -dev package
> name has to change all build dependencies would have to get a
> source-full update. I would have liked to stage everything in
> experimental, but due to this (quoted from ftp-master) nasty dak bug,
> that would leave unstable (non-free) without (open-)motif.

I was thinking, how well did it go with your building of all reverse
dependencies, and how well would it work if lesstif2-dev would be a
transitional package that depends on libmotif-dev? If that would work at
all, I think that is a good alternative to my proposal above.


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