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Re: lesstif2 to motif transition

Hi RT,

On 06-05-13 23:01, Paul Gevers wrote:
> So my question basically is, what would be the most appropriate order to
> do things?
> My proposal would be (with your approval) to just get motif into
> unstable/main and start converting the dependencies with the help of
> their maintainers (the libraries can coexist). Because the -dev package
> name has to change all build dependencies would have to get a
> source-full update. I would have liked to stage everything in
> experimental, but due to this (quoted from ftp-master) nasty dak bug,
> that would leave unstable (non-free) without (open-)motif.

Having thought about this again today, how about the following proposal:

- Upload the latest packaging of motif to non-free to get the new
  packaging and rename of the source past the NEW queue.
- Ask and help the current maintainers of reverse dependencies to try
  out building their packages in experimental with libmotif-dev in
  non-free. Yes, the policy does not allow this, but as ftp-master
  agrees that we move the package to main, I expect this could be
  acceptable, if at all possible.
- When all packages are lined up, remove motif from non-free into main
  and start the transition in unstable.

Do you think this works and do you find this acceptable?

An alternative that I could come up with, but maybe it is an insane
idea, is that I update the lesstif2 package to make the lesstif2-dev
package a transitional package that depends on libmotif-dev. I believe
only the packages that need the additional build dependencies (e-mail
from Graham) would not be helped by this temporary solution, but that
can be fixed in advance. So than we could upload motif and lesstif2 to
unstable after your approval and start converting the packages to
properly build-depend on libmotif-dev.

Do you prefer that I file a proper transition bug for this issue now?
Please advice on what you find acceptable.

I propose that we start to inform the reverse dependent package
maintainers about our intent to replace lesstif2 with motif when we have
agreed on the proposed attack path from your point of view.


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