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Re: lesstif2 to motif transition

On 07-05-13 07:55, Graham Inggs wrote:
> I think the testing went very well.  As we suspected, most packages only
> required changing the build-depends on lesstif2-dev to libmotif-dev. 
> There were a few that required the addition of libxt-dev and one or two
> that required libxext-dev and libxp-dev (although we should try to
> remove that dependency).

Can you please document that, I mean which ones? It would be great if
you would reply to the e-mail I sent yesterday to the release team with
full details, so that the team knows when they make a decision. And I
think (unsure now) that these missing dependencies are actual bugs in
those packages, so they should get filed and fixed anyway.

> Cernlib depends on libpacklib-lesstif1-dev and libpawlib-lesstif3-dev
> from paw and pcb depends on its own pcb-lesstif, these packages should
> probably be renamed.

I would leave renaming to the maintainers of those packages. We can let
them know but this is not a necessary action. Did you actually try to
RUN any of the compiled packages?

> Do -dev packages normally get transitional packages?  I can't think of a
> situation where that would be useful.

Normally not I guess, but the situation here is strange. Usually you
don't move from one package to the next as a drop in replacement.
Usually, you would need work as well due to different api and stuff.

> Ideally we need all of the packages that depend on lesstif2 to be
> rebuilt against libmotif.

Sure, but we are talking about a transition plan where the state of the
archive remains as stable as obtainable. If needed breakage is allowed,
but only when we can not come up with a solution were this don't happen.
And I was hoping that lesstif2-dev being empty and depending on libmotif
would achieve this.

> When a user upgrades they will then get
> libmotif which conflicts with lesstif2 and it will be removed.
> If a user was developing with lesstif2-dev it would be removed due to
> the conflict above, but they would not have been able to continue
> building against libmotif-dev without making changes anyway.

Why not? Aren't the headers the same? If not, how can WE replace
lesstif2 with libmotif? Anyway, the users that build are not the only
ones we need to care about. Also the current packages between libmotif
upload and full rebuild need a proper archive. We should plan this properly.


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