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Bug#586605: firmware-b43-installer: do not fail on kernel version mismatch

Hi Dmitry,

> Nope, one again: installation of firmware-b43-installer will fail in a
> debootstrapped environment (NOT a host system). For example, host
> system has 2.6.18, debootstrapped system doesn't have kernel at all.
> At this time I cannot install firmware-b43-installer in debootstrapped
> system. Postinst script should determine the debootstrapped system
> (based on comparing root inodes like it's done in udev's postinst) and
> bypass kernel check in such system, and (probably) show a warning that
> it fail to work on < 2.6.25, so it will be my headache to provide a
> suitable kernel for my debootstrapped system.

Ok, basically you want to install the package during the installation
process or something like that.
The simplest check could be look for /debootstrap/ directory and if it
exists return a message something like "you are in debootstrap. mininum
kernel required is 2.6.25 do you want continue? Y/N"
If Y, skip the kernel check and install it.

Another way, little bit more complex, is to compare the root inodes like

It's clear now. I'm working for fix this issue.


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