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Bug#586605: firmware-b43-installer: do not fail on kernel version mismatch


> firmware-b43-installer currently fails in postinst script on kernel versions <
> 2.6.25. This makes impossible to install firmware-b43-installer in the
> deboostrapped environment, since it may not have a kernel at all, but the host
> system has 2.6.18 or similar. postinst script should ask if it's ok to install
> firmware-b43-installer anyway (like udev does).

from NEWS file: 

b43-fwcutter (1:011-5) unstable; urgency=high

  * This version of the package installs the firmware suitable for
kernels >= 2.6.25. It will do so unconditionally on upgrades and this
break usage with 2.6.24. If you for some reason still want to use
2.6.24, please backup your "old" /lib/firmware/b43.

A kernel greater than (or equal) 2.6.25 is required otherwise the
firmware will not work.

My suggest is to close this bug.


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