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Bug#412952: [Fwd: Bug#412952: file conflicts between afnix and aleph]

Frank Küster wrote:
> Michael Koch <konqueror@gmx.de> wrote:
>> Add this to afnix:
>> Conflicts: aleph
>> Replaces: aleph
>> This should make it possible to have always one of them installed and
>> make afnix replace aleph on dist-upgrades.
> Isn't 
> Provides: aleph
> also needed?
> Regards, Frank

I've had a look at the relevant sections of the Policy, and I can see
some advantages to having "Provides:". But, on balance, I think it is
probably best left out, letting the "Aleph" name wither and die:

*  It is a long time since Aleph became AFNIX (2003). I do not believe
too many people would still refer to it as Aleph, or attempt to install
it as "apt-get install aleph".
*  Upstream make very little reference to the old name; just one
mention, as far as I can see, in the "history" paragraph.
*  I believe the word "aleph" is probably more closely associated with
TeX, now.

I would be happy to change my mind if anyone has any counter-arguments
to the above! In the mean time I have uploaded a new package to
mentors.debian.net, and asked my mentor if he would consider sponsoring
an upload.


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