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Bug#163137: elm-me+: Does not handle de_DE@euro locale well

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> writes:

> Thomas Koenig <Thomas.Koenig@online.de> immo vero scripsit:
> excuse me for barging in.
> I haven't looked at the problem closely enough, but:
> > > I'm sorry, but I get no warning with locales 2.2.5-14.3.  Which
> > > version are you using?
> > 
> It probably depends on what you have in /usr/lib/locale.
> Do you have locale-gen properly executed and set up?

I believe yes; elm would give a different message otherwise.

> > compatcharsets = ISO-8859-1
> ISO-8859-1 is not ISO-8859-1@euro,
> they are different character sets, I think.




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