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Re: [RFC] DPT Policy: Canonise recommendation against PyPi-provided upstream source tarballs

On 2021-06-26 02:04, Paul Wise wrote:
> I would like to see #2 split into two separate tarballs, one for the
> exact copy of the git tree and one containing the data about the other
> tarball. Then use dpkg-source v3 secondary tarballs to add the data
> about the git repo to the Debian source package.

IIRC, last time I tried multiple tarballs, I got stuck with
pristine-tar. Not sure, if I didn't find out how to commit or
if the problem was with checkout, though.

Do you happen to know, if this is an issue?

PS: Just for the record: I'm always(?) using upstream sources
from git, not PyPi, because the latter typically are missing
unit tests, which we want to run in Debian.

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