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Re: [RFC] DPT Policy: Canonise recommendation against PyPi-provided upstream source tarballs

On 2021-06-25 16:42:42 -0400 (-0400), Nicholas D Steeves wrote:
> I feel like there is probably consensus against the use of PyPi-provided
> upstream source tarballs in preference for what will usually be a GitHub
> release tarball, so I made an MR to this effect (moderate recommendation
> rather than a "must" directive):
>   https://salsa.debian.org/python-team/tools/python-modules/-/merge_requests/16
> Comments, corrections, requests for additional information, and
> objections welcome :-)  I'm also curious if there isn't consensus by
> this point and if it requires further discussion

I work on a vast ecosystem of Python-based projects which consider
the sdist tarballs they upload to PyPI to be their official release
tarballs, because they encode information otherwise only available
in revision control metadata (version information, change history,
copyright holders). The proposal is somewhat akin to saying that a
tarball created via `make dist` is unsuitable for packaging.

"GitHub tarballs" (aside from striking me as a blatant endorsement
of a wholly non-free software platform) lack this metadata, being
only a copy of the file contents from source control while missing
other relevant context Git would normally provide.
Jeremy Stanley

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