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Re: RFS: python-carbon / graphite


> > Perhaps we should an an debconf question on install "delete database
> > directory on purge" and defaults into not delete the files.
> The policy  does not mandate anything on  this area. Feel free  to
> add a debconf question  if you  want. If  you add a  debconf
> question,  try to steal the question  from some other packages. I
> think that mysql-server has such a  question (or maybe this is
> dbconfig-common). This will help translators.

I have added an debconf question on postrm. It's commit into svn.

I have also changed the long description of python-carbon.

Now I will change the package name from python-carbon into
graphite-carbon and move it to PAPT. (already sent an request to add me
to PAPT)

Is there any other problems with the package that will deny uploading?


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