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Re: RFS: python-carbon / graphite

Hello Vincent,

> > Could any DD please check and upload the package?
> After Sandro remark about Twisted, I have  looked a bit at it too:

thanks for checking the package.

> is to use Debian-graphite instead.  The other one is to  use an
> underscore (_graphite).

done. Changed username to _graphite.

>  2. I don't see the point to check if graphite UID/GID is 0.


>  3. For  the Twisted  plugin,  you need  to  have a  triggers file
> with "activate  twisted-plugins-cache"  to let  the  plugin  cache
> to  be rebuilt.

thanks, I have added that.

>  4. I  think that there  are some actions  missing in postrm in  case
> of purge.  For  example,  the  content  of  /var/log/carbon  should
> be deleted. I suppose that this also applies to some other
> directories.

I have added an postrm to delete /var/log/carbon. /var/lib/graphite
should not be deleted on purge, because is contains userdata. 

Perhaps we should an an debconf question on install "delete database
directory on purge" and defaults into not delete the files.

>  5. You  should cleanup the init  script. It contains  comments aimed
> at building it. Moreover, you  should check for VERBOSE variable
> before using echo.

you are right. cleaned the file.

I have commited my changed into svn.


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