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Re: RFS: python-carbon / graphite

OoO  En cette nuit  nuageuse du  dimanche 05  février 2012,  vers 01:14,
Jonas Genannt <jonas.genannt@capi2name.de> disait :

>> 4. I  think that there  are some actions  missing in postrm in  case
>> of purge.  For  example,  the  content  of  /var/log/carbon  should
>> be deleted. I suppose that this also applies to some other
>> directories.

> I have added an postrm to delete /var/log/carbon. /var/lib/graphite
> should not be deleted on purge, because is contains userdata. 

> Perhaps we should an an debconf question on install "delete database
> directory on purge" and defaults into not delete the files.

The policy  does not mandate anything on  this area. Feel free  to add a
debconf question  if you  want. If  you add a  debconf question,  try to
steal the question  from some other packages. I  think that mysql-server
has such a  question (or maybe this is  dbconfig-common). This will help
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