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Re: RFS: Didjvu, Djvusmooth, Ocrodjvu, Pybtex

Hi Daniel (2010.11.05_19:45:42_+0200)
> I'm kindly asking for overchecking/uploading of the following packages:

As a not-yet-DD I can't upload, but here's a review.

First, we don't tag releases until they are uploaded. You can leave the
changelog entry as UNRELEASED, and the sponsor will fix that and tag on

> /python-apps/packages/didjvu/tags/0.2.1-1/		initial release of 0.2.1

> Depends: ${misc:Depends}, ${python:Depends}, python-imaging, libdjvulibre21 (>= 3.5.21), python-argparse

I'd suggest wrapping that (after every comma is quite neat).

argparse is part of the standard library in Python 2.7. A dependency on
python (>= 2.7) | python-argparse is probably preferable.

The description could probably be broken into a couple of shorter

debian/copyright mentions jwilk, but not you. You should state the
licencing of your packaging.

debian/rules: Not a fan of dh $@?
I'm guessing you misunderstood my message on this topic, as you are
totally avoiding the setup.py and using dh_install + dh_link to install
Also, you BD on debhelper >= 7, but use an override, which requires
debhelper >= 7.0.50~.

I think the following debian/rules will do what you want (and you won't
need debian/install or debian/links any more):

#!/usr/bin/make -f
	dh $@

	dh_auto_install -- --install-lib /usr/share/didjvu

For new packages, you should probably consider using dh_python2 instead
of python-support. The eventual plan is to migrate all Python packages
to it.

> /python-apps/packages/djvusmooth/tags/0.2.8-2/

Predates you, but "djvusmooth is a graphical editor for DjVu
files, which allows to:" isn't correct English grammar. ..."which allows
one to" would be better.

You probably want to add yourself to debian/copyright (even if you
haven't made any significant modifications yet). This applies to all the

> /python-apps/packages/ocrodjvu/tags/0.4.6-3		closes important bug #600539 in testing

My previous argparse comment still applies, but this is aimed at squeeze
which doesn't have python2.7, so you don't need to do this yet (but
consider it for the trunk, please).

> /python-apps/packages/pybtex/tags/0.14.1-1		new upstream release

I see some trailing whitespace in debian/changelog.
Mixed tabs and spaces in debian/postinst (naughty jwilk)


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