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Re: Ideal directory structure?

[Barry Warsaw, 2010-01-31]
> On Jan 31, 2010, at 08:53 PM, Umang wrote:
> >But I'll never find my data files in sys.prefix + 
> >path_i_asked_distutils_to_install_to. So what according to you, is the 
> >right way to go about distributing? This situation is definitely not ideal.
> The Pythonic way (IMO) is to use pkg_resources:

... and when one will want to follow FHS and use --install-data
(provided by Python, sic!) acordingly, it will fail, at least in
Python << 2.7

also: pkg_resources is not in standard library, so I'd use one of
* use something that keeps track of --install-data equivalent
  (f.e. automake or even pure Makefiles, if possible)
* adjust setup.py to do what distutils/setuptools/distribute
  doesn't (save locations in .py files at install time)
* postpone the release date until Python developers will
  include something based on pkg_resources in stdlib
  (that works fine with --install-data) ;-)

anyway, even if you'll decide to hardcode the path somewhere, please at
least make it in *one* place (so that it will be easier to patch).
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