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Re: Ideal directory structure?

Now that this discussion has split into various sub-discussions, I don't mind digressing...

On 31/01/10 20:29, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
To make it a little bit less painful
(and follow FHS) Debian's python (since 2.6) installs to /usr/local
by default. This way system packages will still be broken (/usr/local is
higher in sys.path) but at least it will be easier to fix it (Python
packaging system doesn't have a *working* uninstall functionality).
Additionally system's python uses dist-packages instead of site-packages
so local installations of python itself will not interfere with the one
from Debian package.
But I'll never find my data files in sys.prefix + path_i_asked_distutils_to_install_to. So what according to you, is the right way to go about distributing? This situation is definitely not ideal.



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