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Re: Ideal directory structure?

[Umang, 2010-01-31]
> Unfortunately, all the files are supposed to go to sys.prefix (/usr
> on most Linux distros) [1]. I still don't understand why this has
> been patched to make it so difficult to understand. As a newbie, I
> look up distutils on the net, find the Python documentation, believe
> that files will be installed under sys.prefix and find that they are
> installed under sys.prefix + '/local'. Little do I know that
> somewhere in between somebody has done something that isn't mentioned
> in the one source I'd like to believe. It is clearly breaking
> official Python documentation.

users (guided by module/application authors) do things like:

  $ sudo easy_install foo
  $ sudo python ./setup.py instal

and thus breaking system packages. To make it a little bit less painful
(and follow FHS) Debian's python (since 2.6) installs to /usr/local
by default. This way system packages will still be broken (/usr/local is
higher in sys.path) but at least it will be easier to fix it (Python
packaging system doesn't have a *working* uninstall functionality).
Additionally system's python uses dist-packages instead of site-packages
so local installations of python itself will not interfere with the one
from Debian package.
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