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Re: ITP: Name for "real" python-pgsql module

Bernd Zeimetz pisze:
Paweł Tęcza wrote:

So, I'm affraid that packaging of python-pypgsql module is necessary
in that situation. I'm not a Python programmer and don't want to change
the sources.

Well.. you could ask upstream.
Actually I'd vote against adding just another PG binding as the others
implement the DB api well and work well - so as long as I can't see any
additional features pypgsql brings, I'm not conviced to sponsor it.

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for the reply! It seems that I don't need to debianize real
python-pgsql module. Gordon Messmer, a creator of Courier-Pythonfilter
has written a patch with psycopg2 support and we are testing it now.

My best regards,


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