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Re: ITP: Name for "real" python-pgsql module

[Paweł Tęcza, 2008-12-18 10:49]
> I'm not DD, but I would like to make Debian package with python-pgsql  
> module [1]. I need it for PostgreSQL support for Courier-Pythonfilter  
> framework [2]. It has been debianized by Frederik Dannemare [3] and still 
> waits for sponsoring at mentors.d.n site [4].
> The problem with python-pgsql module is that Debian has package with the  
> same name for long time, but it's different Python module! Its real name  
> is pypgsql [5].
> So my question is: what should I call that package? python-pypgsql? ;)

Will it be a problem to use psycopg2 instead? If these two libraries are
compatible (they should provide the same api, no?), just use psycopg2.
You can check it by changing filters/TtlDb.py lines 59-60 into:
        import psycopg2
        self.dbapi = psycopg2

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