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Re: RFS: python-urwid - Console UI Library for Python

Paul Wise wrote:
On Sat, 2006-04-22 at 12:03 -0400, Ian Ward wrote:
What is the source code for tutorial.html? Debian requires source code
where it exists (see the DFSG/social contract). Perhaps you could
release with the source code for tutorial.html (and
reference.html if it has source). Preferably, the setup.py should build
these from their source.

I've never tried using setup.py to generate documentation. Could you point me to an example of a module that does this?

The script that generates the tutorial has an external dependency: another module I've written called "templayer". If the doc source files are included, would all users installing Urwid have to get templayer and build the docs as part of the install? It would seem more reasonable to add templayer to the build-depends and include the pre-built docs with the standard package.

Let me know if I should submit templayer for inclusion.

For 0.9.3, feel free to drop the docs for now since they are not DFSG-Free until we get these source-building issues sorted out.

When I do make a new release, does debian-python need any kind of notification?

Nope, just the maintainer(s). If you use freshmeat, we can subscribe to
the freshmeat releases.

That works. It's registered as python-urwid in freshmeat.


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