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Re: RFS: python-urwid - Console UI Library for Python

On Sun, 2006-04-23 at 11:28 -0400, Ian Ward wrote:

> I've never tried using setup.py to generate documentation.  Could you 
> point me to an example of a module that does this?

I don't really know enough about distutils or of any modules that do
this. I think it would be fine to distribute both the compiled html and
the source in the tarball, and expect people to run a separate command
if they want to recompile the html.

> It would seem more reasonable to add templayer to the build-depends
> and include the pre-built docs with the standard package.

That is the idea.

> Let me know if I should submit templayer for inclusion.

Please do.

> For 0.9.3, feel free to drop the docs for now since they are not 
> DFSG-Free until we get these source-building issues sorted out.

I'll fix the packaging and make a new orig.tar.gz.

> That works. It's registered as python-urwid in freshmeat.




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