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Re: python2.4 testsuite failures & python2.4 on the buildd's

On Sun, Apr 23, 2006 at 10:56:49AM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Some question about buildd configurations (python2.4_2.4.3-3 builds),
> if some tests should be disabled when running the testsuite on the
> buildds, or if these are things, where configurations can be changed
> on the buildd's.

> - test_ioctl wants /dev/tty, is this device available or not
>   readable (mips at least)? test succeeds otherwise.

Buildds are not guaranteed to have an associated tty, so this test would
fail.  (I think policy might require the availability of a tty for
maintainer scripts, but it's definitely not required during package

> - test_codeccallbacks fails with a bus error on ia64 and hppa,
>   unreproducible on local machines.

Try running your build under prctl --unaligned=signal to reproduce.  The
Debian buildds run with non-default unaligned trap handling in order to
catch programming errors that *can* be fixed up in the kernel, but only at a
high cost.

> other test failures:

> - test_bz2 on alpha (decoding error)

Have you reproduced this failure outside the buildds, or do you need someone
to give it a try?

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