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python2.4 testsuite failures & python2.4 on the buildd's

Some question about buildd configurations (python2.4_2.4.3-3 builds),
if some tests should be disabled when running the testsuite on the
buildds, or if these are things, where configurations can be changed
on the buildd's.

- test_ioctl wants /dev/tty, is this device available or not
  readable (mips at least)? test succeeds otherwise.

- test_tcl hangs on some buildds (mipsel, but not mips, alpha, s390,
  amd64), passes on others. Why?

- test_socket fails on amd64 (excelsior). configuration error? works
  ok on a local machine.

  test test_socket failed -- Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/build/buildd/python2.4-2.4.3/Lib/test/test_socket.py", line 449, in testSockName
      self.assertEqual(name, ("", PORT+1))
  AssertionError: ('', 50008) != ('', 50008)

- test_codeccallbacks fails with a bus error on ia64 and hppa,
  unreproducible on local machines.

other test failures:

- test_bz2 on alpha (decoding error)

- test_bsddb3 on amd64 (locking error)

Thanks for your input.


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