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Re: python 2.2 -> python 2.3 transition

Donovan Baarda writes:
> But that was kinda the point... you should be able to install a
> pythonX.Y package without python (X.Y). This way you get
> /usr/bin/pythonX.Y, but not /usr/bin/python. I don't see any reason why
> python2.3 needs to depend on python at all. You should only need python
> (2.3) depending on python2.3.

IMO we want to have a way to ensure a specific version of python. I
don't know another way then having the dependency of python2.3 on

> There might be occasions where you want to install something like zope
> that needs python2.1, but don't particularly want to install python. If
> python2.1 had "Depends: python (>=2.1)" then you couldn't do this.

There is nothing that hinders you installing zope without python and

> When we had python (2.2), the python2.3 package had no dependencies on
> python. What changed now that we have python (2.3) that even required a
> new python2.3 package? You should have been able to just release a new
> python (2.3) package with an updated "Depends: python2.3".
> When I saw this I was concerned, but didn't have time to look into why
> you might have done that. Why did you? It looks like a bug to me :-)
> I just read bug #204748, and if that was the reason for it, then the
> reasoning was flawed :-).
> You can't just have python2.3 depend on python (>=2.3) so that it can
> use #!/usr/bin/python for compiling because what happens when we have
> python (2.4)? All the python2.3 modules get compiled with python (2.4)
> and mass breakages.

As long as there are unversioned modules they should break. The
package maintainer should take care that they work (or we provide them
with a pyc-recompiler for a major version change).

> IMHO the original bug poster and Derrick were correct; all
> pythonX.Y[-foo] packages should be using /usr/bin/pythonX.Y explicitly
> everywhere, and that includes pythonX.Y itself.

I don't agree :-) We should not set our focus on having the
possibility having more than one python version installed in parallel,
but on having one preferred version installed. If the transition is
done, you shouldn't care on the dependency anymore.

Remains your concern about the unnecessary installation of the default
version. IMO it's not soo bad, if you have the space to install zope
(and the data for the site) or jython (together with java).

And for package building there's always the possibility of having a
chroot installed using debootstrap.


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