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Re: python 2.2 to python 2.3 transition

Le lun 11/08/2003 à 01:08, Donovan Baarda a écrit :
> The recently suggested alternative of putting modules in
> /usr/lib/site-python (or wherever) with only one set of *.pyc's for
> the default python is much simpler. It does rely on "root" only using
> the default python to avoid re-compiling pyc's with something else,
> and there is not (yet) a way to re-compile the pyc's when the default
> python upgrades.

Hrm, this could be achieved quite simply, /methinks. It needs little
changes in dh_python and some prerm/postinst stuff in the python package
(not the pythonX.Y package) to rebuild all .pyc's and .pyo's in this
directory upon upgrade.

Matthias, do you think it is feasible ?
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