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Re: Media partner for debconf

Replying in-line :-

On 13/04/2018, Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@debian.org> wrote:
> Dear Shirish,

Dear Laura,

> Sorry for the top posting but the info you provided is splitted in
> different mails and I was not sure how to reply inline properly.

Understood. That was my/our fault. I/we should have been a bit more
organized but we needed some time to figure out what we are bringing
to the table and how to present it which resulted in somewhat of a
fragmented conversation.

> From the publicity team this is what I can say about the DebConf coverage:
> * I expect to do publicity coverage of DebConf18, in a similar fashion
> that we did last year (bits.d.o, debconf website, micronews, the closing
> announcement, and DPN highlighting blogposts related).

Right,  I/we didn't mean to stepping on any toes, especially you who
has shared with me so much over the years.

I did see the bits.d.o announcement FWIW

> * I still didn't talk with SZ Lin about the options to spread the word
> in local media but I hope to talk soon

@Abhishek - SZ Lin is one of the members of the local team who is
helping organizing the event.

> * I have two drafts for blogposts in bits.d.o about sponsors, to be
> published soon (WIP, in touch with the corresponding company/org). May I
> ask you to please hold on your own (or It's FOSS) posts until we publish
> in bits?

Sure, no problem. Just let me know when you are done either via mail or via a
DM/PM on #debian-publicity so we know you are finished at your end.

> * Similar proposals than the "It's FOSS" one, that I remember we
> (press@) have received in the past, have been redirected to
> registration@debconf.org.

ah ok, will connect there.

> * There have been news items published in a coordinated way in both the
> Debian channels and other (local) channels (e.g. with broadband.co.za in
> DebConf16). This has been done pro bono for both parts (at least since I
> can remember (Debconf15 on) or maybe in change the media has been given
> a booth to spread the word during the conference. I am not aware of the
> 'terms' of actual media partnership of (other) past DefConfs, but in any
> case I guess that should be dealt by registration@ and/or sponsors@

ohk,  I will first connect with registration and try to see what they
say. We are
not expecting a booth unless

a> It's fine with registration and sponsors which I think may be somewhat remote
but will pursue that anyway.

b> More importantly if given a booth, would need to steal and co-ordinate with
some Debian friends as booth work is often draining, having two or
more people is pleasant. It also depends upon the semantics of whether
we are allotted a booth 'for just the open day or for throughout the

One another idea or alternative approach if we do get a booth is to
share the booth i.e.
debian-publicity and itsfoss.com and both co-ordinate from the booth
itself. This is, if
you and me both travel and co-ordinate there. It would make sense and we both
could exchange stories, ideas how to publicize Debian even better. I
am sure you
have more than a few ideas, maybe with @itsfoss.com help we could help
out somewhat.

I haven't yet run the above with Abhishek but I do think he will say yes.

At our end, we will probably need to get the semantics right but am
hopeful on that front.

> Cheers
> --
> Laura Arjona Reina
> https://wiki.debian.org/LauraArjona


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