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Re: Media partner for debconf

Dear Shirish,

Sorry for the top posting but the info you provided is splitted in
different mails and I was not sure how to reply inline properly.

>From the publicity team this is what I can say about the DebConf coverage:

* I expect to do publicity coverage of DebConf18, in a similar fashion
that we did last year (bits.d.o, debconf website, micronews, the closing
announcement, and DPN highlighting blogposts related).

* I still didn't talk with SZ Lin about the options to spread the word
in local media but I hope to talk soon

* I have two drafts for blogposts in bits.d.o about sponsors, to be
published soon (WIP, in touch with the corresponding company/org). May I
ask you to please hold on your own (or It's FOSS) posts until we publish
in bits?

* Similar proposals than the "It's FOSS" one, that I remember we
(press@) have received in the past, have been redirected to

* There have been news items published in a coordinated way in both the
Debian channels and other (local) channels (e.g. with broadband.co.za in
DebConf16). This has been done pro bono for both parts (at least since I
can remember (Debconf15 on) or maybe in change the media has been given
a booth to spread the word during the conference. I am not aware of the
'terms' of actual media partnership of (other) past DefConfs, but in any
case I guess that should be dealt by registration@ and/or sponsors@


Laura Arjona Reina

El 12/04/18 a las 15:42, shirish शिरीष escribió:
> Reply in-line :-
> On 11/04/2018, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> wrote:
>> Hi Shirish,
> Hi Gunnar,
>> shirish शिरीष dijo [Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 03:34:20AM +0530]:
> <snipped>
>> Ok, having been explicitly pointed to, I guess I must answer ;-)
>> I don't have much of a clue of what being a "media partner" really
>> entails. I guess it depends on the type of coverage itsfoss.com
>> wants. I guess a good way to find out what would this mean for you is
>> to talk with other people who have been -officially or not, both from
>> the media outlet in question and from Debian- in a similar position;
>> Antoine Beaupré is one of them, as he covered DC17 for LWN.
> I know Antione, we have talked before on various topics.  I will follow it up
> with him as well.
> I have followed some of his articles on lwn.net but lwn.net doesn't really
> make it easy to follow articles from a particular author
> https://itsfoss.com/author/shirish/ something like this from lwn.net would
> have been nice but it hasn't happened yet and don't think it will happen
> soon. I have asked them (i.e. lwn.net) earlier as I do like articles
> of few specific
> authors and often miss some of them but that's something they need to work at.
>> I believe we will all be happy if DebConf is covered in more
>> media. What does itsfoss want from you besides a couple of articles?
>> What are they giving you or Debian? What are they expecting to get
>> back? Do they need to be advertised in any way in connection to us?
> I have made and shared an initial article with them. I do get a bit of
> honorarium per article, nothing much but works for me as a referral for work.
> For Debian it would be more audience .  For quite long people have this
> fear of Debian being only for geeks, so with more exposure we hope to
> reduce that myth by sharing more news, views etc. Also we do have a
> fantastic artist (although I may be biased here) who has done some
> nice doodles about Debian in the past. I don't think we can ever
> have enough doodles of Debian or any of the sub-projects in
> the Debian universe/umbrella.
> Now quoting abhishek directly -
> As the media partner, we will write at least two articles. One
> announcing the event so that more people are aware of the event and
> the event can get more registration and exposure. The second article
> will be published after the event is concluded. A summary of event,
> talks and highlights. This way, again, more people would know about
> the event.
> These articles will be shared several times with our readers, email
> subscribers and social media followers (around 300K in total). If we
> attend the event, we'll also share the events and its happenings live
> on social media channels. If there are enterprises participating in
> the event, we can also interview/cover a few if they fit our reader
> base. This way those enterprises will get more exposure and more value
> by participating in the event.
> Basically, we'll do everything in our capacity to make more people
> aware of the event and thus contributing to the success of the event.
> If the organizers expect something else from us, they can pitch in
> their suggestions and we will follow if it's feasible.
> What we need in return is not much. They should mention us as their
> media partners on their website, event presentations (if possible) and
> email communications about the event. If they want to send swags and
> other merchandise, it's totally up to the organizers but not mandatory
> from our side.
> /quote
> I hope this gives a bit of an idea of what we want to do.

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