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Re: Media partner for debconf

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On 11/04/2018, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> wrote:
> Hi Shirish,

Hi Gunnar,

> shirish शिरीष dijo [Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 03:34:20AM +0530]:


> Ok, having been explicitly pointed to, I guess I must answer ;-)
> I don't have much of a clue of what being a "media partner" really
> entails. I guess it depends on the type of coverage itsfoss.com
> wants. I guess a good way to find out what would this mean for you is
> to talk with other people who have been -officially or not, both from
> the media outlet in question and from Debian- in a similar position;
> Antoine Beaupré is one of them, as he covered DC17 for LWN.

I know Antione, we have talked before on various topics.  I will follow it up
with him as well.

I have followed some of his articles on lwn.net but lwn.net doesn't really
make it easy to follow articles from a particular author

https://itsfoss.com/author/shirish/ something like this from lwn.net would
have been nice but it hasn't happened yet and don't think it will happen
soon. I have asked them (i.e. lwn.net) earlier as I do like articles
of few specific
authors and often miss some of them but that's something they need to work at.

> I believe we will all be happy if DebConf is covered in more
> media. What does itsfoss want from you besides a couple of articles?
> What are they giving you or Debian? What are they expecting to get
> back? Do they need to be advertised in any way in connection to us?

I have made and shared an initial article with them. I do get a bit of
honorarium per article, nothing much but works for me as a referral for work.

For Debian it would be more audience .  For quite long people have this
fear of Debian being only for geeks, so with more exposure we hope to
reduce that myth by sharing more news, views etc. Also we do have a
fantastic artist (although I may be biased here) who has done some
nice doodles about Debian in the past. I don't think we can ever
have enough doodles of Debian or any of the sub-projects in
the Debian universe/umbrella.

Now quoting abhishek directly -

As the media partner, we will write at least two articles. One
announcing the event so that more people are aware of the event and
the event can get more registration and exposure. The second article
will be published after the event is concluded. A summary of event,
talks and highlights. This way, again, more people would know about
the event.

These articles will be shared several times with our readers, email
subscribers and social media followers (around 300K in total). If we
attend the event, we'll also share the events and its happenings live
on social media channels. If there are enterprises participating in
the event, we can also interview/cover a few if they fit our reader
base. This way those enterprises will get more exposure and more value
by participating in the event.

Basically, we'll do everything in our capacity to make more people
aware of the event and thus contributing to the success of the event.
If the organizers expect something else from us, they can pitch in
their suggestions and we will follow if it's feasible.

What we need in return is not much. They should mention us as their
media partners on their website, event presentations (if possible) and
email communications about the event. If they want to send swags and
other merchandise, it's totally up to the organizers but not mandatory
from our side.


I hope this gives a bit of an idea of what we want to do.

          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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