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Re: Media partner for debconf

Hi Shirish,

shirish शिरीष dijo [Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 03:34:20AM +0530]:
> Dear Friends,
> I have been writing on and off for itsfoss.com for about a year now.
> Due to forgetfulness, I forgot to announce debconf18 on itsfoss.com
> which I hope to rectify before the end of the week.
> While talking with my editor about the debconf article I was asked by
> my editor if there is possibility about becoming media partner and if
> so then I'll have the responsibility of covering debconf.org
> (...)
> I am not sure what would be a good way forward in making the Debian
> folks happy, my editor happy as well as myself. Hence have also
> addressed debian-publicity as Laura has considerable experience and
> expertise as she has been handling debian-publicity for quite sometime
> now and Gunnar being the content head may probably have a tip or two
> for me as well.

Ok, having been explicitly pointed to, I guess I must answer ;-)

I don't have much of a clue of what being a "media partner" really
entails. I guess it depends on the type of coverage itsfoss.com
wants. I guess a good way to find out what would this mean for you is
to talk with other people who have been -officially or not, both from
the media outlet in question and from Debian- in a similar position;
Antoine Beaupré is one of them, as he covered DC17 for LWN.

I believe we will all be happy if DebConf is covered in more
media. What does itsfoss want from you besides a couple of articles?
What are they giving you or Debian? What are they expecting to get
back? Do they need to be advertised in any way in connection to us?

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