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Draft for blogpost in bits.debian.org about HP and the other sponsors

Hi DebConf and Publicity team:

I'm writing a blogpost to thank our new sponsors of DebConf15.
Below you can find the text of the current status, but the
always-updated version is in the bits.debian.org git repo:


(feel free to commit your reviews yourselves, or ping me to do it).

I have some doubts, advice is very welcome:

* Not sure if it's better to mention in this post only the 9 new
non-platinum sponsors, (and publish today, maybe?) and write another
blogpost for the platinum sponsor to be published later (on Monday? I
can draft the other blog post too).

* The info about the platinum sponsors is taken from w.d.o/partners/.
If we decide to write a separate blog post, any other info is welcome
(some quote of the contact person in HP?)

* I'll complete the missing links ASAP, and write words about silver
sponsors inline (same style as the first blog post about sponsors).

* Agree to mention the names (and URLs) of infrastructure sponsors,
organisational partners and media partners? or just link to the
DebConf15 website? (or maybe a separate blog post some months later)?

* Please review the sentences about Google and PWC (I have no info about
details of their sponsorship, just infered from website and lurking the
list, so maybe I'm wrong).

Thank you everybody
Laura Arjona Reina

Title: More sponsors for DebConf15
Slug: more-sponsors-debconf15
Author: Laura Arjona Reina
Tags: debconf15, debconf, sponsors
Status: draft

The organization of DebConf15 (from 15th to 22nd of August, 2015, in
Heidelberg, Germany) is going smoothly, we just blogged about the call
for proposals and today we want to provide updates about our sponsors.

Ten more companies have joined to [our nine first sponsors]() in
supporting DebConf15. Thank you to all of them!

We want to give special thanks to our first **Platinum sponsor**,
[**Hewlett-Packard (HP)**](http://www.hp.com/).

HP is one of the largest computer companies in the world, providing
 a wide range of products and services, such as all kinds of
PCs, calculators, printers, scanners, plotters, various storage
products, network servers and equipment, software etc.

Hewlett-Packard is also a long term development partner of Debian. HP
has provided several
high-end HPPA, IA-64 and IA-32 servers and workstations to Debian,
and HP employs several developers to work on Debian HPPA and IA-64  ports.

Thank you very much HP for committing support to DebConf15!

Our third Gold sponsor (in addition to former ones, Credativ and SipGate),
is the [**Matanel Foundation**](http://www.matanel.org/),

[IBM](http://www.ibm.com) has also joined the DebConf15 sponsorchip at a
Gold level.

[**Google**](http://google.com), the search engine and advertising company,
has increased the sponsorship level from Silver to Gold.

[**1&1**](http://www.1und1.de/) (which is also
service partner of Debian) and
[***MySQL**](http://www.mysql.com/) have committed sponsorship at Silver

And last but not least, six more sponsors have agreed to support us at
Bronze level:
[**Godiug.net**](http://www.godiug.net/), the
[**University of Zurich**](http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/),
[**Docker**](http://www.docker.com/), [**DG-i**](http://www.dg-i.de/)
(also service partner of Debian),
and [**Price-WaterHouse-Cooper**](http://www.pwc.de/) (which also
provides consultancy support for DebConf15).

The DebConf15 team is very thankful to all DebConf sponsors for their
support. We also would like to thank our infrastructure sponsors, our
media partners () and our organisational ().

## Become a sponsor too!

DebConf15 is still accepting sponsors. Interested companies and
organizations may contact the DebConf team through
[sponsors@debconf.org](mailto:sponsors@debconf.org), and
visit the DebConf15 website at

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