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Re: Making Debian users more visible

Hi *;

On 09/15/2014 07:39 PM, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
Another thing is that we could say that in addition to English
(mandatory) they can send the submission text in other languages,
specifying their codes. E.g. Spanish senders could send in
English+Spanish, and the wording would probably be better than a Spanish
translation from the English submission. The problem is when we reword
the English submission, though, it would need coordination with the
corresponding l10n team. Or maybe l10n teams could go to www-list to
take the original mail as reference, and then translate according to the
rewording in English.
Excellent idea on having the submission in native text. I am not sure of the work load on the l10n teams, but it would seem to task them with less work on the submissions as the native version is already translated. Additionally they would have an English reference for use as needed for formatting or other small changes.

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Donald Norwood

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