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Re: Making Debian users more visible

Hi everybody

El 15/09/14 a las #4, Donald Norwood escribió:
> On the topic of gathering feedback, and hopefully not reinventing the
> wheel or opening Pandora's box: What other information, if any, would we
> like to gather from users?

I'm missing the date of each submission/text. Maybe the year is enough.
We're already gathering it (date of submission is the date of the mail),
and it can help the reader understand not only if each testimonial is
recent or old, but also about the technological challenges of that
moment, and how/why Debian was the solution chosen.

Another thing is that we could say that in addition to English
(mandatory) they can send the submission text in other languages,
specifying their codes. E.g. Spanish senders could send in
English+Spanish, and the wording would probably be better than a Spanish
translation from the English submission. The problem is when we reword
the English submission, though, it would need coordination with the
corresponding l10n team. Or maybe l10n teams could go to www-list to
take the original mail as reference, and then translate according to the
rewording in English.

Laura Arjona

> -Donald Norwood

Laura Arjona

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