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Re: Making Debian users more visible

As a result of the discussion, Donald Norwood and I have decided to form a 
team for the maintenance of the "Who's using Debian" pages.  Other interested 
parties are welcome to join the effort.  We want to avoid the potential 
situation where the pages become unmaintained while people are still 
submitting new entries.

As the overall goal is to bring the listing up to date we will need to remove, 
update, replace, and edit the standing entries. So far we have discussed using 
the urlcheck query results[1] posted earlier in this thread as a starting 

During, and as that portion of the modernization of the list is taking place, 
we can move to the second stage of the audit process which is to check in with 
the listed 'user' to see if they are still using Debian, and if so, perhaps 
make an update to their progress or state of Debian. 

We plan to start with the non-profit organizations, since it is the smaller of 
the lists and gives us a chance to come up with a set of procedures (if 
needed) as we move to the larger lists.  

If the people who did the previous audits have any tips or ideas, please let 
us know.

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-www/2014/07/msg00049.html

Regards, Donald and Kaare

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