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Re: Using social media channels for DC15

Hi all
I'm in the -publicity mailing list, no need to CC me.

El 07/05/14 12:24, Paul Wise escribió:
On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 5:39 PM, martin f krafft wrote:

Debian has accounts on Twitter, Identi.ca, maybe even Facebook and
G+, and it seems like you guys are in charge of those.

debian@identi.ca is an "official" social media channel for Debian. The
other social/news/etc media are added by individual Debian
members/contributors/enthusiasts that are comfortable with using those

I'm the maintainer of the http://quitter.se/debian account (StatusNet/GNUSocial fediverse)

I try to manually repost anything posted in the identi.ca account (ASAP, after it's posted there), so you don't need to care about that if you don't want.

If/when you have an RSS feed specific for DC15 (for example a dedicated blog), give me (or write to the list) the URL and I'll add it (no need if the posts go through planet.debian.org, since its RSS is already handled).

If you write hashtags in your proposed dents, they will not work in identi.ca (the Pump network) but they will work in the microblogging fediverse when I copy the dent there.

Laura Arjona


Would you be able to help, for instance by relaying whatever we
send to you? Is there a workflow for this?

Indeed, workflow for debian@identi.ca:


Some info about the others is here:


Or could we get access to the channels and publish ourselves?

We definitely need more people to join the publicity team and work on
bits.d.o, DPN, debian@identi.ca etc.

One idea I had for how we would like Debian publicity stuff to move
towards working in the future, no implementation yet though:


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