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Re: two questions: fund raising money and publicity

On Wed, 2014-03-19 at 21:53 +0100, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> How so? I have the feeling that all the relevant people are on the list?

I get the feeling that Martin and Kai from the Press Team aren't
subscribed, unsure though.

> Maybe there's too much things going out of band without feedback to
> debian-publicity but I have the feeling that mailing debian-publicity
> with news to relay seems to work okayish right now.

Most of the identi.ca/debian posts are done on the IRC channel only as
specified by our current workflows.

> Yes, it would be better if everybody who contributed news ideas got some
> feedback.

Most of the time feedback isn't needed and the relevant folks just write
the paragraph for DPN and include it.

> I blame identi.ca upstream for this... that switch was really a huge step
> backwards in terms of features. It might be better in the long term but
> we can't really be blamed when there was simply no good tool for the task.

I think slightly differently. I think it was a mistake on Debian's
behalf to rely on a SaaSS (Service as a Software Substitute, free or
non-free) not controlled by Debian for primary storage and distribution
of short news snippets. I think we should learn from this and go towards
something like what I proposed on -publicity in response to Laronja's
post but also extended to all external sites (not just social networks),
including things like Slashdot, Hacker News and so on. In implementing
this idea I think we also solve Francesca's concerns because everything
goes to the one place (www.d.o) so we have to co-ordinate to get
everything in place. Every external medium has different requirements
and conventions but I think it would be possible to achieve if someone
has the time to work on it. First step would be to analyse existing
information flows between Debian and external sites.


> It's not really difficult to find volunteers to package new software. But
> it requires a post to debian-mentors or on planet Debian at least. The publicity
> team could even put this task in the Debian france event running now:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianFrance/NewContributorGame
> Paul, are you willing to mentor a project related to this?

I have a number of publicity related ideas but I hesitated in adding
them to GSoC/OPW/DFNCG because I'm procrastinating on too many tasks
already and thus I don't think I could dedicate the required time.

> At least for DPN, it survived quite well even though you went away and even though
> David Prévot reduced his involvement as well.

I get the impression Cedric is doing most of the writing for DPN but
there are definitely other contributors to it.



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